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After 2 years, how could we avoid remaking our website?

If we focus on technology, time keeps accelerating, it manifests exponentially faster and faster. Thanks to this, many of our sites, new and beautiful at the time, become obsolete, not only on an aesthetic level but also on a functional one. We owe this change to the user and, in response, to the professionals of the technological field. We move from our tabletop to smartphones and tablets. Information flows fast through our gadgets, increasingly powerful, advanced and attractive. And as this phenomenon manifests, the accompanying software must go hand in hand. Sometimes one of them comes ahead but they always meet at the end.

You should be able to read, and not only read but also work with, web pages from your smartphone with the same operability, or more, as you should have from the comfort of your marvellous keyboard. They must be as beautiful, functional and fast as ever. This is what responsive web has achieved, web pages able to adjust its size and design to the size of their reproducing device.

Not only have we redesigned our site accordingly to the current requirements but also wanted to offer a new and original aesthetics to match the redesign of our brand. We wanted to translate into it our careful way of working, our design schedule and our work patterns.

We want to be part of an enterprise team invest on a job well done, where quality and efficiency are a priority, where care and passion go hand in hand so we can build together a worthy business network for a better world.

We want to thank NEOBIT STUDIO,, for their work and for their teamwork values that make possible partnerships with professionals of great magnitude.


Plans for Engineering projects and other fields are part of the daily work of the professional team which is ONICE. We are specialized in COMPLEX PROJECTS.

Drafting for engineering projects and other sectors, are part of the daily work of the team of professionals who compose ONICE. Specializing in COMPLEX PROJECTS.


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