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We have a new look... Why?

Because we have evolved. We have been adapting, without noticing, to the evolution of companies and the environment in which we work. This flexibility leads us to support our customers, future and present, as well as our collaborators. It has taught us that the appearance of the brand we offered was not updated to the new trends and new technical ways. It was necessary to simplify and communicate the same concepts as before but in a different way.

Communication is key in our endeavour. We must perfectly understand the needs of our customers and intuitively apprehend the instructions given when developing a project. For this we will have to use our listening skills and assimilate the explanations in due time to avoid misunderstandings and to be able to achieve the required goal. We must simplify not only because we save time but because we focus our attention in what is commended to us. We are capable of understanding the message and representing it in the paper. We innovate as well and we know when it is pertinent. We support our customers and offer them our skills to contribute in their tasks and to make them successful. That is our motivation and we want to express it in the essence of our new aesthetic.

Shapes express not only beauty but feelings. Shapes in brands call upon images of who is behind.

For this purpose we have entrusted ourselves to professionals and we have counted on the creative agent Juan Piñón ( who from the first time has understood our company philosophy, our value as professionals as well as our company goal.


Plans for Engineering projects and other fields are part of the daily work of the professional team which is ONICE. We are specialized in COMPLEX PROJECTS.

Drafting for engineering projects and other sectors, are part of the daily work of the team of professionals who compose ONICE. Specializing in COMPLEX PROJECTS.


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