What level engineering expertise should we require from a draftsman?

The deeper the knowledge, the greater the autonomy.

Our role as draftsmen, as a part of an engineering team, shouldn’t be restricted to be transcriptionists of information to a data base known as plan. Even if we have to transcribe a piece of information previously defined by the engineering team, we must understand what we are developing. How much? The more, the better.

From this blog section, we are going to publish those subjects in the field of engineering we believe are worthy of interest. Even if those ideas don’t become the core of our daily work, they are nothing but important. Anything that attracts our attention will surely end up having an application.


Plans for Engineering projects and other fields are part of the daily work of the professional team which is ONICE. We are specialized in COMPLEX PROJECTS.

Drafting for engineering projects and other sectors, are part of the daily work of the team of professionals who compose ONICE. Specializing in COMPLEX PROJECTS.


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