As we are compromised with the role we play in any project our only and essential goal is to do a top quality job. Therefore it is necessary for us to deal with three basic points: formation in technical drawing and design programs, experience, and wish of improvement. Without these three points we could not achieve successful results.

There is an important part of work team in our endeavour, a team which has to work adapting itself to any changes and specific demands. We must provide security and reliability to our customers and add value to the project. Thus we develop our projects with our best efforts, giving trust to the hiring company to help it to achieve its objectives.

We must know how to deal with each project, how to plan and develop every single step. We opt for a global and thorough perspective of it. To organize well a job in every single one of its parts is fundamental to avoid mistakes and to optimize time.

In order to draw well it is necessary to know what it is being designed, experiment its function while it is being created and use good amounts of imagination. Plus the drawing technique must be always applied as, without it, it would not be possible to understand a plan. We know the rules of drawing and when and where to apply them so that the people who check the plans are able to read them in an optimal, fast and flawless way.

A well elaborated plan, clear and properly designed with all the required data is achieved with clear ideas and the appropriated knowledge and experience.


Drafting for engineering projects and other sectors, are part of the daily work of the team of professionals who compose ONICE. Specializing in COMPLEX PROJECTS.


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